The Motocross Van Tutorial - MX Van's 101

Tricking out your moto van is a lot of work but no doubt the best way to roll from track to track without breaking the bank.


1st Things 1st: Drop on some 20" DUBS, a Grill, Chrome Bumpers, Tint & Custom Headlights!


Put up the Wall and Drop a Couch / Bed up front. Be sure to Carpet the walls and ceiling.
Our Ford E250 had the Carpet already installed (its a dealer option - GET IT!)


Electric Couch Folds into Bed by the push of a button - VERY NICE!
Get a Van Couch out of a Conversion Van Take out! Make sure the couch slides FORWARD and DOWN.
This way you can recline it instead of just having it straight up or flat!


Throw a shelf across and cabinets down the middle then put 2 wheels chocks in the corners on angles
By putting the wheel chocks on an angle your dirtbike bars won't hit the wall!
(I'll get more pix soon)


Notice the E-Track on the Wall - THIS IS SWEET for holding things against the wall.
(Gas Cans, Air Tanks, Mountain Bikes, Spare tires and other things)


ROOF VENT - This is a MUST!!!!! Unless you like your Van "Garage" smelling the next day
of rotten monkey butt motocross gear and perhaps some cow pies from the nice track dirt you brought home with you.


I did mention to add some DUBS right?
Click the Picture, Checkout ask for Mitch!
Ask for the Mike Wendricks discount....


Final Product....


More pix will come.....




FIND or BUILD a WebSite
"The MX Yellow Pages"